Income Eligibility Requirements

Client Eligibility

To be eligible for CSBG services or benefits, clients must be at or below 200% of the fede raI poverty leveI as determined by the federal Office of Management and Budget (0MB) based on the most recent federal Census data and as revised annually (or more frequently) by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (see table below). To ensure that CSBG funds are being used for income eligible clients, Subrecipients should screen for income eligibility. Local CSBG programs are expected to maintain files on clients served by the CSBG program for DEO to confirm client eligibility and review use of funds in monitoring visits or upon request.


2020 Poverty Guidelines for  the 48 Continental United States

Number of Persons In Family/Household

100% Federal

Poverty Level

200% of Federal

Poverty Level


























For families/households

with more than 8 persons add $4,480

For families/households

with more than 8 persons add $8,960


Income Exclusion

The following CSBG Income Exclusions will apply until further notice:

  1. Stimulus payments from the federal government in relation to the Coronavirus Disease will not be considered income and will not be considered in determining a household's Federal Poverty Level (200% or below).
  2. Any type of unemployment payments will not be counted as income
  3. Zero Income can be determined with proof of client employment termination or the Zero Income Form. Zero Income can be determined at the time of application and projected forward instead of using the past 30 days. If applicable, clients should note the reason for zero income related to COVID-19.
  4. Although not counted as income for CSBG purposes, excluded income sources may be used to determine how a household is meeting its expenses.